While you may think of the typical accountant as very analytical and logical, which we are, we also have a solid understanding of business and can help you generate ideas that you may choose to utilize and adopt in your strategies. While we cannot, and will not, provide any assurance or guarantees on a course of action an entrepreneur may choose, we can certainly work with you and assist in the analysis of your business decision making.

A few of our Innovation offerings include:

  • Product line expansion
  • Skills requirements for existing business and future opportunities
  • Market opportunities
  • Motivational and Inspirational speaking engagements

One of our partners, Kane Fraser, is a motivational and inspirational speaker. Kane works with you to change the way you think and feel about your business by relating his own personal and professional experiences to you, your business, your employees, your situation. Every talk that he gives is tailored to the client and their needs to generate a genuine connection. This requires input from the host.